Ottawa softball Post Game 1, Comp vs Pitch Please

Ottawa softball Post Game 1, Comp vs Pitch Please

Ottawa softball meets Baby Dillssss! I had just finished work in Ottawa and I was making my way towards my Ottawa Softball game. I was late by a couple of minutes so I sprinted like crazy from Ottawa’s billings bridge. Got there changed in front of everyone, took off my shirt and Krystle walked by and said “Is it me or baby Dyl is kind of buff” so I felt nice for a minute or two.

What I can remember from the game was the other team wasn’t the greatest but we also played like crap. We had such a hard time hitting that night. I cant exactly remember the score it was something like 6 to 5 for us which is the lowest score I’ve seen so far.

Ottawa softball player My batting still hasn’t gotten better I’m still waiting for my for home run. Its really different from regular baseball my timing is all over the place but that’s gonna come with time. A couple of highlights from the game was Dallas home run, as soon as that ball went over the fence she had the biggest smile on her face, that home run also won us the game. The other highlight was the catch the 3rd basemen made I don’t know her name but a crazy fast line drive came right at her but she made a crazy catch.

Okay that’s all I have for that game I have absolutely no idea how many words I have because I don’t know where my word counter is situated on my laptop but anyways that concludes my post game.

– Zach aka Baby DylThis post game was written by the cousin of Dylan who we lovingly call Baby Dyl. It was updated on June 7th, 2020 in order to meet our updated Ottawa softball teams criteria. Pandemic Projects eh.

1 Inning 31
2 Inning 21
3 Inning 00
4 Inning 01
5 Inning 03
6 Inning 62
Final score 118

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