Ottawa Softball – SBW Sloppy Seconds Tournament Post game – Screwballs VS Butts

The Butts led off the first inning with a HR. Their next batters weren’t able to put anything else on the board. The Screwballs answered with a 2 run HR followed by one of the ladies teaching the fielders respect by driving one past everyone to bring another runner home.

The Butts weren’t able to score in the second but the Screwballs continued to score with another 2 run HR.

Tracy’s (Butts) good eye got her a walk to lead off the third. Followed by some great batting the bases were loaded but they only managed to bring one home. The Screwballs kept up with some strong singles scoring one as well.

The Butts pulled it together n the 4th with solid hit after hit to max out the runs. The Screwballs answered with a beautiful 3-run HR followed by an in-the-park HR to end the game.

Final score: 11-7 Screwballs.

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