Ottawa Softball – SBW Sloppy Seconds Tournament Post game – Final B – Krakens vs H20

First inning as I sit in the stands Marie eve looks over and asks “is anyone doing the post game for finals ?!” I smile and say “impress me”

A dirty low pitch is called off by our umpire only to be followed by a “FML” pitch so far off the plate the other dug out had to duck

Pants ends the inning with a running backwards alligator catch

Krack em out up to bat:

First batter smacks a single to centre field but hesitate rounding first. Next batter gets walked, bringing up a dude who smacks a ball to left field like it just talked back to him.. driving home 1 run. Marie eve gets thrown out at first but records an rbi on a bad thrown home

With five at first the next batter punches threw only to be asked if he wants a runner which he promptly declined

Still with 5 now at second and only one out, a quick slide to 3b means a safe call for all, everyone advanced.

This game is quick ! Wooo !

Krack a bat is back on the field, captain Todd hits a two run shot walk-in’ it off and he did flashing his “here to own tshirt “

Krack a pitch hits the Matt a few times but it’s not enough cause Johnny runs in safe but Marie eve catches Christian out, from a wicked hard throw from JF .

Krack a bar captain steps up and takes a walk , lady batter hits into a some what routine fly that captain Todd handles with ease.

The players can hear the excitement around them , the fans & the other diamond , everyone sits on edge as Marie eve steps up to bat but unfortunately hits into a fielders choice.

Heading into the next inning

Happy To Operate bats , steps up to plate : first girl takes a walk setting up home run hitter Peter H where he cranks it to 3b advancing the runner. Dude smokes it over center fields head advancing the girl to 3rd. Mills gets walked on 4 pitches and the next batter lines one to centre field bring home a 2 runs. Another girl walks …

Happy Today Orgasm’s is on the field and despite Peter H’s BIG stretch JF Is safe but only to be almost caught in a pickle with play, luckily 3b let’s up on him. Omg no Matthew King is up to plate, swings and not only misses but falls, falls on his butt… no one on krack a laugh is concerned . The inning ends but we are all still laughing.

Hot to trOt , captain Todd takes the plate has a huge swing and weird tiny fly ball to pitcher.

Shawn Mohawk family man , up to bat waits patiently, many swear words unsure what language are shouted as Shawn rounds the bags and LF routine catches him out

Krack-a-lack’s up to bat starting off the inning right with a single to center. Next up the left swinging hottie smashes a ball to right field advancing the runner. A fly ball to center marks the first out to the krakens but both runners advance a base. Followed by a 4 pitch walk to Marie-Eve. Dude swings for the fences hitting the ball to 3rd bringing home a run . A infield fly and a pop fly would end the inning

Mills hits and yells the whole way to 1B , she’s so excited she made contact and hit grass, Pop-eye gets up behind her and puts a two run shot out tie-ing up the game

Now with a big out on the board , lady H20 takes 1B on a walk only to have her teammate fly out to RF.

Shit son, play of the game goes to white shorts PopEye from rover throwing out Caro tuning to 1B , hopefully Kim , up to bat next will redeem the ladies by taking a walk. Hard to operate la backcatchers makes a dope ass foul tip catch recording an out. The krakens score 2 runs!

H2O starts off with a single, bringing mills to the plate who also singles advancing the runner to third! Another wild single drives home a run bringing H2O within 1 run. Ladies and gentlemen the singles keep coming bringing the tying run to third. The batter shows patience and takes a walk bringing home the tying run! Bases loaded the batter smacks a double to left driving home 2 runs. A double play at home ends the inning!

Kicketykrackens come up to bat – Marie eve lines a single right over the short stops head. Singles seem to be a theme as of late as another single is sent to center field. JF comes up to the plate… this is his time this is his moment. The game is in his hands, and ladys and gents he delivers, with a swipe of sweat of his brow and a swing for the fences he brings home the two baserunners winning the game with a 3 run blast!

Krakens win a great game!

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