Ottawa Softball Post Game 2, SBW Rec vs Flippin Bats

We were cold, we were wet, some of us even dirty, but dammit were we ready to play ball! May 22nd 2018 saw the Suds Buds and Windmills (Rec) host Flippin Bats on the gravelly diamond 2. The game started with a line drive to left field that went in and quickly out of Golly’s glove. It was a tough start that would quickly be forgotten about as Katia would catch a line drive to short left field and a pop fly to short centre. No damage being done in the top of the first. The bottom of the first saw the Buds quickly got on board with a 2 run drive by Sarah-Rose, who would be quickly brought home by Mike Layes.

Fast forward to the bottom of the second, Sarah Z on second Jake Miron on first… Krystle struts up to bat after receive some wise words from Eric Delisle, coach extraordinaire, and smashes an in the park home run to right field, yelling at Jake to run faster as they round the bases..hurting jakes feelings a bit while doing so. Buds up 6 – 1.

At the end of the 4th inning the Buds up 9-2 are feeling confident and feeling good, until a dark cloud covers the outfield and a bright light shines on the batter’s box. The Flippin Bats were smoking balls to right, lining balls to centre, and smashing balls through left, that with some questionable defensive plays, including a missed catch by right fielder Jake that just tipped off the top of his glove, would end up seeing the Bats tying the game at 9-9. Down but not defeated the Buds strike back! Toan up to the plate, hurt leg and all, murmurs to himself “I really don’t want to run”. And dammit he didn’t! Toan smashes a home run to right field, Damn it feels good to be a gansta begins playing over the speakers as he jogs out to retrieve the ball! (Seriously though that would be sweet if we could do that) The Buds respond by putting up 7 runs of their own to lead the game 16-9.

That’s all folks as the ump calls last inning at the top of the 6th and 3 quick outs to the Bats would end the game at 16-9. A great game all around by the Buds would improve their record to 2-0 on the season. Well done!

– Jake

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    Nice work, Buds!

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