Ottawa Softball – SBW Sloppy Seconds Tournament Post game – H2O and we finished with a WIN!!

Outfield played with 4 Deep and in the first inning Mills makes an awesome outfield catch! End of the second inning H2O mercies the other team with 5 runs putting us in a 5-3 run lead! 3rd Inning we shut down the screwballs maintaining our lead. 4th Inning the Screwballs mercied us to bring up the lead for them 8-5. H2O gets another 5 run mercy putting us in the lead 10-8…somwhere we got another 2 runs and going into the final inning…i stopped paying attention! Sorry team! In the final inning,the screwballs managed to get in another 3 runs but with two away, Chris makes the winning catch in right field. H2O takes the game!!!!!!!

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