Ottawa Volleyball Post Game 2, SBW Rec vs Sick Pack

It was SBW opening game for Volley ball for 2017 and continuing SBWs hot streak with a 2 – 0 win over Sick Pack, who as it turns out is captained by the Man from Mayo’s lady friend!

The weather was more like something from last fall, being cold, wet and a strong wind. Fearless Captain Eric Delisle was in layers with an old pairs of shoes on. The Medic opted to keep her socks on and Cam Cam and Bruce decided to brave the cold sands (so did  Mandy who was late, something she later regretted).

The game started on court 1 but after two returns from the other team put the ball over the fence into the locked patio, both teams decided using the unoccupied court 2 would be a better idea (no balls were lost out of play after that). With the winds at their backs, SBW had a commanding game one, winning the game soundly – all players doing a great job with their serves. Defense was another story.

The second game into the wind was a much closer affair. The score kept close to one point well to mid-way into the game until captain Eric Delisle broke the game wide open with a perfect 5/5 service. Also to note Bruce went 0/3 for serving into the wind going through the range of “Hit the ball hard”, “Harder” and “Full power”. To his credit full power did make it over the net, just not in play. But as the game progressed SBW found a way to balance the bad plays with good plays. There would be a well placed tap over the net, followed by a bump that was “she gone”.

Strategy was practiced to figure out who was number 1 and who was number 2. Anik was determined to get service en français. Mandy had all of the witty quips. Cameron quietly making big plays. Bruce announcing that he is Wonder Women, bracers crossed at an incoming ball! And let’s not forget your Captain’s epic serving that barely avoids tripping the ball in play.

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