Ottawa Softball Post Game 2, SBW Beer vs Mole Bat

On the day after the Sens Game 7 loss in double OT, the city was looking for a pick-me-up and the buds decided to help the city out. At first, there was doubt that the game might start as there were several late arriving players (including myself) but once it got started, it was clear that this team was not going to lose in extra innings.

Both teams put up zeros in the first before the floodgates opened. The buds went with a max inning in the second and never looked back. Marty hit a nice multiple run bomb and Krystle was very happy as it was the first time he hit a useful home run (because most home runs in general are pretty useless, it’s the lazy way to score runs).

During the third and fourth inning, the buds scored 7 combined runs taking it a little easy on the other guys but they scored 7 in their fourth inning so everyone pulled up their hitting socks and got back on the board some more.  In the fifth inning, Marty hit another useful multiple run home run for a truly rare multiple useful home run game. I think the last time that happened was probably pre-2000’s *

After that, the buds put up the Kanata wall (shout out to Guy Boucher’s 1-3-1 system) and only allowed 3 more runs. The ump allowed 7 full innings in which the buds scored more runs to put their total score to 25, a solid effort for the first game of the season.

The buds have put themselves in a good position by winning the first one, as you cannot win them all if you first don’t win the first game.


–          Marty with two big home runs

–          Cameron was living the single life, going 5 for 5, all singles

–          Krystle with some solid range while playing third and some nice throws

–          Krystle almost not catching an inning ending out from Cameron after just finishing saying 2 outs, any base now!

–          Krystle spitting out her water while watching Cameron be sly (MAKE SURE TO BUY ONE IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY, they are only $5)

–          All the lady buds not only reached base at least once, they all scored a run at least once

–          The back up short stop did not have to actually back up the short stop, which is nice

–          Outfielder on the other team made a sweet diving catch in the gravel

–          Eric ended the game with a nice backwards K


*don’t look that up, there are no stats to back up my claim

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