Ottawa Softball – SBW Virgin Tourney Post Game Finals B – Studs, Duds, and Windys vs. $25 for a Chance

(Finals) – Studs, Duds, and Windys vs. $25 for a Chance
It was looking like the Studs were going to come out swinging as they scored a home run on the first
pitch of the game but $25 put a quick stop to that. $25 pulled out their secret (not so secret) weapon,
FTG, who knocked the ball out of the park into the lights. “Donaldson” hit the ball right against the fence
line bringing a runner home and now $25 started picking up momentum. By the end of the 1 st , $25 took
the lead with a score of 4-1.
With some great hits down Main Street, the Studs closed the scoring to 4-3. The Studs now pitching,
nearly got caught as a 3 rd base runner was closing in on home base and a toss from the pitcher to the
catcher was high. The catcher, standing only on the tip of his toes, made the catch just as the runner got
to home securing the out. However, the Studs’ amazing catching skills were no match for $25’s batting
skills. FTG got a grand slam and another batter got the 3 rd and final allowed home run of the game for
$25, closing the inning with the max 5 runs and only 2 outs.
The Studs were looking to close the gap in the 3 rd inning, however $25 made a terrific double play and
the Studs didn’t manage to get a run. $25 came out swinging once again and nearly hit the pitcher for
the second time of the game. Pitcher Julie was a little shaken up but continued to pitch, getting some
strikeouts. The glare of the sun was against the Studs and was the cause for multiple runs for $25.
The Studs were up to bat in the 4 th inning, with some fantastic hits but almost all pop flys, allowing only
1 runner home. When $25 was up to bat and bases were loaded, “uOttawa Dymano” made a hit that
was a borderline out of the park home run but was just shy hitting the fence and saving herself from an
automatic out. Her run brought everyone but herself home and they ended the inning with some great
The 5 th had the potential to be the final inning if the Studs couldn’t close the gap to less than 12 runs.
The Studs were ready to play, Pitcher Julie getting a beauty home run and adding 2 points to the score.
With some good runs, the Studs had a chance to make it to the next inning. When $25 was up to bat,
the Studs got 2 quick outs with an impressive running catch; however the momentum of $25 couldn’t be
stopped and they got the runs they needed to end the game 17-5.

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