Ottawa Softball – SBW Virgin Tourney Post Game Semi-Finals B – Tomahawks Vs. Studs, Duds, and Windys

(Semi-Finals) – Tomahawks Vs. Studs, Duds, and Windys

Studs, Duds, and Windys didn’t waste any time getting on the scoreboard. With bases loaded in the top
of the 1 st inning, 1 out, 3 balls and 1 strike, the pitcher had no choice but to make a throw on the plate.
Chad took advantage and batted a Grand Slam right out of the park. Next was Sylvain with a solid hit
giving him time to run to 2nd and while attempting to get to 3 rd , he got caught in the middle. Lucky for
him, a quick dodge and a fumble from the Tomahawks allowed him to get home and ended the scoring
with 5 runs and only 2 outs. Tomahawks looking to catch up, with 1 st and 3 rd bases loaded, managed to
hit a hard ball down the middle allowing the 3 rd base runner to score a point. Studs, Duds, and Windys
ended the inning shortly after with 3 quick outs.
2 nd inning the Studs, Duds, and Windys were at it again with another big home run and added another 2
points, finishing the inning with the max of 5 runs and 0 outs. Tomahawks were down by 9 runs and
were trying to catch a break but Studs, Duds, and Windys kept the pressure on not letting Tomahawks
get passed 2 nd base.
Studs, Duds, and Windys’ pitcher, Julie, made a huge play in the 3 rd as she hit the ball nearly out of the
park allowing two runners to get home and got herself to 2 nd base. After the next hit, she didn’t slow
down and scored another point. The Studs ended up reaching the max 5 runs in the inning bringing the
score to 15-1 and only had 3 outs in the whole game. Tomahawks felt the pressure but were unable to
score in the 3 rd inning.
By the 4 th inning, the Studs were looking to end the game with a mercy but the Tomahawks still had
some fight left in them. For the first time in the game, the Tomahawks ended the Studs batting with only
3 runs and now needed 3 points to make it to the next inning. With only 1 point all game, it wasn’t
looking good until the second batter was able to get the 1 st batter home. With only 2 more points
needed, the Tomahawks kicked up the dust and scored another run. Just as the momentum was building
for Tomahawks, the Studs got their 3 outs and ended the game with a final score 18-3.

Riel & Heather

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