Ottawa Softball – SBW Virgin Tourney Post Game Semi-Finals B – Fighting Momentos Vs. $25 for a Chance

(Semi-Finals) – Fighting Momentos Vs. $25 for a Chance
A pretty even match up, these two teams were neck in neck the whole game. Early in the 1 st inning, FTG
scored a home run getting $25 for a Chance their first point. Later, with a full count and 2 outs, the
pressure was on for $25. The Fighting Momentos pitcher made a perfect pitch striking out $25 holding
them at only 2 runs in the 1 st . Fighting Momentos got caught with 3 fly balls ending the 1 st inning with no
runs on the board.
The 2 nd inning was quick with both teams allowing no runs keeping the score at 2-0 for the $25.
$25 got a couple of walks in the 3 rd after some good eye playing on a full count with 2 outs and the
pitcher just missing the plate. Up to bat next was FTG with another long drive home run bringing himself
and 2 other runners home. The Fighting Momentos scored a beauty home run getting their first point of
the game. After a second run, $25 made a stunning low catch on a wide fly ball bringing the inning to an
end with a score of 5-2.
In the 4 th inning, $25 had a runner on 3 rd when Danno nearly took the head off the pitcher. The 3 rd base
runner was later able to make it home. Another impressive catch by Fighting Momentos kept the game
close as they were up to bat next. The Fight Momentos caught a break with another home run keeping
the score close at 6-3.
In the 5 th and final inning, $25 had the 1 st and 3 rd bases loaded and FTG was up to bat. With 2 home runs
under his belt this game already, the pitcher for Fighting Momentos didn’t take any chances and forced
FTG to walk. Now all bases were loaded, $25 hit a long fly ball but Fighting Momentos made the catch,
preventing the score from spreading. Fighting Momentos now had the chance to take the game,
needing only 3 runs to tie and 4 to win. Unfortunately for Fighting Momentos, $25 were on their game
and got 3 consecutive outs to end the game 6-3.

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