Ottawa Softball – SBW Virgin Tourney Post Game – Balls Deep vs. BJ’s are better than Yanks

Balls Deep got off to a slow start after an initial walk, with a deep
fly out and a pair of Ks.
The lead batter of BJs are better than Yanks then tried to disprove
the team name by going solo (with a home run).
BJs then proceeded to show how to put balls deep scoring 5 to end the inning.

In the next inning Daniel got burned by a very Deep Ball. Things were
looking up from there as they put 4 on the board.
The BJs came back, yanking out another 5 runs while BD lost control of
their balls in a series of errors.

BD followed by burning the BJs fielders again. It’s a little tough to
swallow that they didn’t back up enough after the previous inning. A
very touchy call was made at 3rd with a pile of players on top of each
other but with the ball clearly exposed the runner was safe.
In the bottom of the inning BD’s catcher left the BJs feeling blue,
turning a beautiful double play to end the inning.

In the next inning, BD’s catcher continued her dominance by sending
the ball deep for some RBIs. BD tacked on 4 more runs.
Les Saoulons de la Beauce treated us to a mid-inning sing along, led
by the hot guy in the black tank top, that was cut short by the ump to
the great disappointment of the fans. Hoping for a repeat performance
afterwards, preferably without the tank top.
Most of the bottom of the inning went unnoticed except Sex hit a Ball
Deep out of the park for a home run.

In the end, the BJs yanked out a 15-10 win over Balls Deep. – Shirley

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