Ottawa Softball – SBW Virgin Tourney Post Game – 3:15 Balls Deep (reds) vs Studs, Duds and Wind-Ups (blue) 

3:15 Post Game write up: Balls Deep (reds) vs Studs, Duds and Wind-Ups (blue)
Well, the game started at about the time the cute ump yelled out “It’s 3:16!!! Let’s get this game get going!”, and to get the point: Balls Deep won against Studs, Duds and Wind-Ups 9-5. Let’s dive into exactly what happened here. Oh, and to be clear, Balls Deep will be referred to as the “red team” and Studs, Duds and Wind-Ups will be the “blue team” here on out. I ain’t typing that shit up every fucking time.
The first inning started out with the blue team really blowing the big one. Even Beardy’s sweet outfield hit couldn’t land them a run into home base. The red team snuck in the next round
with a sweet run in, mostly thanks Tracy’s sick 2nd base slide in. Did anybody catch the way the sun glossed over the ump’s sculpted calves btw?
The second inning is really when the red team brought the shit. They scored three runs in on the blue team here with Tracy carrying the team once again by getting another sick outfield hit. The dude with the white glove also caught a decent outfield pop fly as well, so there’s that. Although the blue team wasn’t able to score any runs, the tallest dude on their team also managed to catch a decent fly ball.
Go that guy! Good for you, buddy! Also, lovin’ that salt n’ pepper look the ump is sporting.
The third inning was the inning where the blue team actually gave the red team a run for their money. They scored one run in, with that dude with the one white arm, the one black arm and the red shorts (why are so many of them wearing the one black sleeve?) cracking that ball right out into the outfield. They also stopped the red team from getting any runs in with help from that chick in the ball pants catching a tricky pop fly. Jesus Christ, the ump is hot.
The fourth inning was also a win for the blue team as the blue hat dude scored a sweet homerun early into the inning. Not to be outshined, the Cubs bro made a nice play by getting a fast runner out on second after he plowed through first. Is that a Superman belt the ump is wearing? *Swoon*
Unfortunately the rest of the game is where the blue team fell short. Even though Sens bro locked in a sick homerun, the red team scored big time the next two innings with help from the sunglasses girl catching a sweet outfield hit and then doggin’ in strong as hell by getting a few more runs in. The umps pecks look so hard in that polo shirt.
All in all, both teams fought hard but the red team was able to leg up on the blue team near the end of game. Yo, does anyone have the ump’s number?  Lyndsay with a Y

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