Ottawa Softball Post Game 5, SBW Comp vs FO

Ottawa Softball Post Game 5, SBW Comp vs FO
The skies cleared and the sun came out just in time for ball. It was sun’s out, guns out for the Buds as we shut down the Rivals to keep them scoreless in the 1st inning. Seb then struck a bolt of fear down our opponent’s spines by cranking a monster solo HR that landed on the road!
The second inning saw skillful pitching and more tight D, highlitghed by Eric’s two super snags from the mound. Our second at bat was a burst of offense, led by solid singles by Pete, Jessica and Marie-Eve, a deep double by Sarah, and Eric’s big HR to left field.
In the third inning, Krystle got down and dirty with a nice hit and two slides at 2nd and 3rd base. Seb hit another deep shot  with a line drive over the fence. Lawrie couldn’t keep it in the park and hit his second HR-out of the game!
The Rivals woke up with a few runs in the 4th, but the Buds came right back with hot bats – hits by Pete, Eric, Krystle, Isabelle, and Justyn.
The 5th inning was another strong defensive showing, with two big bases loaded strikeouts by Eric. Back at bat, Lawrie hit another one over the fence – and this one finally counted!
The Buds energy remained high late in the game with Pete’s athletic catch to rob Jith and Sarah’s spectacular leaping catch at 2nd base.

High fives and butt slaps all around for a strong, consistent, high energy game – with particularly impressive nights for Eric, Seb, and Sarah. Way to go Buds!

– Pete

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