Ottawa Softball Post Game 6, SBW Rec vs Bats out of hell

Bats out of hell vs SBW D

The game started on a high note. New Captain Claudine showed up with a shiney bat she got for her birthday.

Golly had a FANTASTIC game. Catching 2 very high outfield balls. He hit a home run that brought in some loaded bases. Not only did it get out of the field, it cleared the nets and landed on a blue civic. He only felt a little bad.

Peter also hit a homerun, and the home plate as pitcher, that was MANY times called a ball by our creative umpire. One of those balls ricocheted and hit our artiste in the groinular area. Peter was not the only one to smack the umpire in his nethers, Sarah-Rose enthusiastically caught balls as back catcher and got more than she bargained for.

Kenny, is his attempts to not slide, tried to stop and ended up rolling off the bag, head over heels, skinning his knee. Jeff did a barrel roll, christening his white t-shirt. SBW’s true colours are Red, White, Blue and Dirt. Grass stains? Who are we kidding, we play at the RA. The air knocked out of him, he later came around the bases touching home plate. He will only ever do that once, so he says. Jeff made up for it by coming in 3 separate times.

Fouls were fair, fairs were fouls. Speedy Matt was steps past the bag before the ball was caught and he was out. Another definitely not fair ball resulted in a double play by Sarah-Rose and Ryan. Ryan ran her down and tagged her. The only thing shittier than the Umpire’s calls and self congratulations, were the portable facilities which, being downwind, exuded a smell that could only be described as “gag inducing.”

We lost but we played with gusto. Both teams directed their angst towards the umpire since the bad calls weren’t entirely one sided. “Bats out of Hell” however, needed to get their bats out of home plate. Throwing them over the fence? OUCH.

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