Ottawa Softball Post Game 1, SBW Comp vs Red Tape

Ottawa Softball Post Game 1, SBW Comp vs Red Tape

Summer 2016 Tuesday Game 1 May 10, 8:30 PM vs Red Tape at D2

Post game thoughts from your Captain:

Fall ball cold 🙁

Justyn with a Y with Hair!!!

Justyn hitting Seb’s bike in warmup.

Putting up 7 runs to start the game

Lawrie double play and double trouble!

Seb red light moment

Seb being stereotypical greek with his “Ώπα”.

Pete going up to back out of order

Other team’s  first base saying Pete can’t bat last!

Heather stopping things like she is Riel

Mel throwing the ball out of play from third base

Mel Chatting up Marcel, causing him to lose track of the outs and the innings

Eric picking some corners for outs.

Blake picking bullets out of the dirt from Mark and Justyn

Pete being late because he forgot his shoes!

Miken Psycho debut! 3HRs!!

Seb base coaching Eric at third

Pitcher and catchers moments trying to get the bunts on the first base line

Eric throwing the ball into right field from a bunt…

Guy Sam working the score sheet for 50 Pesos

Ashley overthrowing the ball back to Eric at Pitch

Marcel making fun of Eric not being 6’ tall

Sarah boss catch at second

Seb 3 great running catches in center

Seb chasing the 4th one that got away

Blake losing hit hat rounding third to home!

Eric spending most of the night yelling for base coaches!

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