Ottawa Softball Post Game 4, SBW Comp vs Playball Boys

There are many wonderful streaks in the world of sports and the Ottawa softball circuit is no exception. Cal Ripken Jr. played 2,632 consecutive games, Joe Dimaggio impressed all with 56 game hitting streak, the Boston Celtics won 8 consecutive NBA championships and even Wayne Gretzky had a streak where he scored at least a point in 51 games in a row. Like all streaks, all the great ones do come to an end and the Suds Buds and Windmills are no exception to the rule. The franchise has been very successful in recent times going undefeated in the ball hockey playoffs to win their second championship, not having lost any games in volleyball or softball until that fateful ottawa softball game last night.

It wasn’t that SBW played terribly, but they just let the opposing team stay in the game for far too long and that eventually caught up with them. The defense was led by some amazing plays in the outfield and the highlight has to go to Super Seb who literally came out of nowhere to steal a guaranteed triple right at the fence! All that could be heard from the dugouts of both teams was a staggering WHAAAAT?
Nick flow made some key catches as well and probably re-opened the cut on his leg with yet another formidable diving catch just right of the foul line. Bryce was no slouch either and got on his Brycycle on two separate occasions to get us out of a potential 7 run inning.

The offence had its moments as well led by a three run HR by Lawrie, a 2 run shot by Justyn, a HR by Blake that probably hasn’t landed yet, an inside the park HR by Seb who could have easily gotten home even if there were five bases in this sport, and an inside the park HR by Captain Krystle!….errrr…. wait sorry, she should have had one but someone decided that no man’s land between third and home was a good spot to stop and think about her actions. 😉 The girls as usual kept their hot bats going and made the outfield think twice about playing shallow when they came up to the plate. Katia was cat like with a few nice pokes, Mel flexed her muscles, Heather used her innocent look to her advantage and played like she was in beast mode, Ash was money in the Banks with her glove and bat, Krystle broke out with a great offensive game and at one point I thought she was going to live feed her at bat using just one hand while maybe even giving the umpire a quick interview.

Eric was once again on his game distracting the batters by opting not to wear a jock on this particular night. The wind played quite a factor for both teams but I believe Eric adjusted himself well and kept us in the game, and gave us that chance to win. He was also crucial in dictating the play in the infield by encouraging or stopping us from making any last decision play that may have ended up costing us some extra runs. Captain black eye knows his stuff!

If SBW can play the way they did while minimizing the small mental errors, they can still be a force to be reckoned with in this very dangerous RA Centre Ottawa softball A division.

-Mark Lawrie


In and Out

In Out Maybe/Other
Eric Trevor Marie Eve spare
Justyn Sarah asked Pete cant
Katia Melanie in to spare
Heather Nick Flow in to spare




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