Ottawa Softball Post Game 12, SBW Comp vs Playball Boys

It was late night affair in the rematch with the Playball Boys. Despite a small scheduling error Lawrie was able to pick up the slack and get the game ball and lead the team to the correct diamond. We were met with a familiar face from Friday dressed in Red who would ump the game and were eager to get back out and play 7 innings after last week’s game that didn’t happen.

A good strong start ending with Paul flipping a ball to Sarah at 2B got SBW out of the first with minimal damage against. SBW answered back with a big first inning lead by Justyn with a “Y” who smashed SBWs first hit to the fence for a stand up triple. SBW would go on to cash a few more off of a Bank’s double giving SBW a 4 – 2 edge after  1.  The Bunnies were held to one after the two courtesy from Bill trying to kill some soccer players. (Unfortunately Captain Eric had recommended he use the SportsChek Miken Psycan at a previous game – MVP of the season for SBW). Redemption came from Captain Eric as he gets the run back from a rocket to the fence in center field sending Paul home. By the third, the game is still tight with SBW holding the opposition to two runs again. SBW answers back with 2 runs Justyn put on a clinic on how to run bases as he got caught in a rundown that ended with him diving back to second base head first. Mark also showed us his dance moves, distracting the short stop heling Katia get aboard.

The dreaded 4th. The Boys and Girls club fired back for 6 runs, SBW couldn’t seem to find a way to get out of the inning having missed some opportunities to end it with two outs. SBW not daunted by almost giving up the 7 (7 was on 2nd) got back to the bats. With some tactical hits from Paul and Captain Eric and monster hit from Sarah Z and topped off with SBW’s very own Captain America who put a ball into the parking lot. Don’t worry only trees were harmed from that bomb! The damage was mitigated and gave us a tie game.

Going into the 5th, things settle down for both teams. Playball came back with three runs. SBW fell a bit short with two runs courtesy of Eric S trying to kill some soccer players. An honorable mention to Justyn with a “Y” for yet another triple, though he had to slide into 3rd this time. Top of 6 SBW manages to hold down for only two runs. Lawrie having a delightful time playing at first catching a terrifying rocket at his feet from short and having a sweet snag with a little trot to first for an out. Rallying with two outs, SBW came back to load the bases leaving captain Eric to hit in two with a line to center field evening the damage done but still having us back by one.

Last inning rolls around late into the night SBW manages to hold on only giving one run to a lead off solo. Clutch defence from Lawrie in right field catching a deep fly and Sarah Z getting the last out at one off of Billy the kid. Last inning down by 2, Justyn keeps his hot streak going by getting even hotter and blasting the ball deep center field to give the two runs needed to tie the game. After that rallying hit SBW would not let up and kept hitting the ball getting more runners on bases giving way to Ashley “in the Bank” find her spot and burning the fielders sending Sarah Z home from 2nd base to win the game.

In and Out


In Out Maybe/Other
Eric Trevor Pete cant
Lawrie Seb America can spare
Sarah  Eric Sex in
Eric S Julie can spare
Katia (wrote on wrong day but in)
Ashley (text)


1 2 3 4 5 6 7
LF Shawn Shawn Shawn Shawn Shawn Justyn Shawn
CF Eric S Eric S Eric S Eric S Justyn Eric S Eric S
RF Bryce Bryce Bryce Justyn Bryce Bryce Justyn
RV Ashley Ashley Ashley Katia Ashley Ashley Ashley
P Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric
1st Blake Justyn Blake Blake Blake Blake Justyn
2nd Sarah Sarah Katia Sarah Sarah Sarah Katia
SS Mark Mark Justyn Mark Mark Mark Mark
3rd Krystle Katia Krystle Krystle Krystle Krystle Katia
C Heather Heather Heather Heather Katia Heather Heather
Sit Justyn Blake Mark Bryce Trevor Shawn Bryce
Sit Katia Krystle Sarah Ashley Heather Katia Krystle



Eric S

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