Ottawa Softball Post Game 7, SBW Beer vs Multiple Scorgasms

Hey guys, I will be writing this post-game in Franglais, so for the ones who can’t read French, well, on a tous nos petits défauts alors je vous pardonne!

First of all, I would like to mention the first hightlight of the night. En raison d’un problème de communication entre les équipes, nos adversaires sont arrivés costumés au match (alors que la soirée costumée était la semaine d’avant). So we played against a few men wearing pink or red tutus, Superman, Sakura among other interesting things.

La première manche a un peu mal commencé. Our opponent filled all the bases, but Tracie saved us all with a great catch from the left field, leaving us with little damages. At bat, we started the game in force with good runs and HR from Eric S. We even had the help of our opponent when the ball felt in front of 2nd baseman, but he couldn’t find it. We scored 7 runs. And Emie has a really cute pink Demarini bag. Because this is important to mention as well.

Nothing very exciting in the field the second inning. Krystle was kinda heartless and left absolutely no chances to the girls from the other team as she strikes them out. At bat, Tracie walked, Jamie got a triple by hitting a ball right in the whole of the team in defense. Emie followed his example by finding a whole as well. Then, Eric S. smashed the ball out of the park without even trying (he swears it wasn’t on purpose) taking the possibility of scoring a HR away from the other players. Of course, someone else had to put it out of the park that inning, so the other Eric got an out on that incredibly high HR in the net. Krystle was patient enough to get a 2nd base walk and Paul got a great hit directly on the fence, leaving no chance to our opponents.

En défensive, Mel a pris le 1er but alors qu’Éric S. était au SS. Une petite discussion entre les 2 a pu légèrement rassurer Éric S. qui a peur de la lancer au 1er but quand c’est une fille. Évidemment, son lancer était bien en haut de la tête de Mel, car il a peut-être oublié qu’elle est 5’3 et non 6’2. Hey, I am not as tall as Mike, she said. Les buts pleins, c’est Emie qui nous a sauvé et qui a terminé la manche. At bat, line drive from Tracy, great hit from Mel and Paul who hits a parked car. You know, the usual. Little panic moment for Mel because a player had his pant’s pocket inside out…

En 4e manche, un HR intérieur avec une balle frappée à la clôture dans le champ opposé pour Krystle (because she is awesome like that). At this point the score was 21-3… Then well, Sarah (because I am trying to say something about everyone at this point) hits the balls right in the glove of 3rd base, Eric S does not hit a HR and Shawn hits a line drive to SS.

Last inning (5th), well, I catched some balls at first base and Eric S, catcher, got a play at home and caught the ball. So exciting. Anyway, we won the game.

At last, the second highlight of the night goes to the ladybuds who were incredibly confident and good looking on that field. You rock ladies <3



In and Out

In Out Maybe/Other
Eric D Mike Seb can’t
Eric S Cameron Justyn can’t
Sarah Z Shirley Jess can’t
America Got Paul
Melanie asked Julie M
Marie Eve – post game Got Tracy
Got Emie


1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Pitcher Eric Krystle Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric
1st Melanie Melanie Melanie Melanie Melanie Eric S Melanie
2nd Sarah Sarah Sarah Sarah Eric S Sarah Sarah
SS Paul Paul Paul Eric S Paul Paul Paul
3rd Krystle Eric S Eric S Krystle Krystle Krystle Eric S
Catcher Marie Eve Marie Eve Krystle Marie Eve Marie Eve Marie Eve Marie Eve
LF Emie Emie America Emie Emie America Emie
CF Nick Flow NickFlow NickFlow NickFlow America NickFlow NickFlow
RF Jamie America Jamie Jamie Jamie Jamie Jamie
Rov Tracy Tracy Tracy America Tracy Tracy America
Sit Eric S INFIELD TAXI Eric D Marie Eve Paul Sarah Melanie Krystle
Sit America OUTFIELD TAXI Jamie Emie Tracy NickFlow Emie Tracy



Eric S

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