Ottawa Softball Post Game 12, SBW Beer vs Roger Dorn’s

So, here goes.  It was a nice night out; weather was relatively cool compared to the past few weeks, albeit a bit humid.  The team started off well, scoring 10 runs in the first two innings, but the opposition was up to the battle and at the end of 2, it was close with the Buds holding onto a 10-7 lead.  However; in the 3rd inning the Buds showed their metal scoring 5 additional runs(although Eric was a bit selfish and went solo) while holding their opponent to a goose egg.
The fourth inning, although light in scoring (1 run) was a bit entertaining and Mel somehow believed she had tapped into her inner Olympic sprinter persona and tried to leg out an in the park homerun.  Alas she was tagged out laying in the dirt just past 3.  Prior to her at bat, Shawn(America) had told her to just get on and he would ensure that she would just have to walk off after his at bat.  So, with the bases empty, he delivered on his promise and sent a monster shot deep into the opposite ball fields outfield.
The rest of the game saw Eric D. show impressive skill switch hitting and railing a triple.  At the end of it, the bats and defense proved too much and the Buds won 23-11.  Ending the season on a high note going into the playoffs.

In and Out

In Out Maybe/Other
Eric Mike Tracy actually cant
Eric Sex Nick Flow steph will spare
Shirley Shirtless will spare
Shawn Asked brothers cant play 745
Sarah asked pete he has a date night will spare next tho
Mel Nick Flow – No response
Marie Eve
Jamie – Voice Mail


1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Pitcher Eric
1st Cameron
2nd Sarah
SS Shirtless
3rd Mel
Catcher Marie Eve
LF Steph
CF Eric Sex
RF Jamie
Rov Shirley
Sit Krystle
Sit America



If all these people play up we will do an actual set order if not see lady men line and scratch out who doesnt. We might need to lend to ladies to Brawlers.

  1. Sarah
  2. Jamie
  3. Shirley
  4. Eric Sex
  5. Mel
  6. Cameron
  7. Marie Eve
  8. Eric Captain
  9. Krystle
  10. America
  11. Steph
  12. Shirtless


  • Sarah
  • Shirley
  • Mel
  • Marie Eve
  • Krystle
  • Steph
  • Jamie
  • Eric sex
  • Cameron
  • Eric
  • America
  • Shirtless

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