Ottawa Softball Post Game 5, SBW Beer vs Pump Up The Base


The superheros united to protect the universe. The challenge this time was a team of recreational softball players, who put up a pretty good fight but ultimately, the good guys won.

Themes of the night:

The grass is greener… in the outfield – after a small disagreement with the other teams bench, mike took a turn out in left field to avoid any further issues‎

Olympic qualifying – Greek athlete Seb hits a 3 run homer onto the soccer turf where it rolled 100 M giving him the practice for the big race
Superman in centre field – Seb attempts a Pillar like dive that just hit the tip of his glove. 10 points for the effort and all the rest of the catches he made the rest of the game. ‎Huge team work with Eric S throwin it from the fence to an anxious Eric D glove for a ridiclously easy and smooth out.
2 for 1 night (times 2) – Eric S gets called out for stepping over the plate to make a swing, which he hit over the fence for the fourth out since a home run had already been hit that inning.
– just when you thought you’d seen it all, there were two batman’s at the game, Jamie and Cameron.
Security issues? Krystle scored from first early in the game but while rounding third, she dropped both her guns making you wonder how she made it through the metal detectors.
Get back to work! Eric D looking like a boss in the red combat boots and gloves hit an out of park homerun yet again in combat boot with no laces.
Playing in the dirt – Sarah diving at first to try and complete a game ending double play unfortunately resulted in being covered in dirt. Furthermore, Krystle drawing circles in the infield to indicate her limited range.
Another big win for SBW who only have one loss this year on Fridays! Next week we take a break for the birth of Candad and we are back the following week.
This weeks post game brought to you by Cameron.


In and Out

In Out Maybe/Other
Eric Nick Flow Blake to spare
Krystle America Pete to spare
Hot Eric 😛 pete cant
Sarah justyn can’t
Melanie (said in a mothers voice) Ask Carmelo if we need


1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Pitcher Eric Eric
1st Sarah Mike
2nd Melanie Sarah
SS Cameron Cameron
3rd Krystle Melanie
Catcher Blake Marie Eve
LF Eric S Eric S
CF Seb Seb
RF Jamie Jamie
Rov Shirley Shirley
Sit Marie-Eve Krystle Ask Krystle Ask Krystle Ask Krystle Ask Krystle Ask Krystle
Sit Mike

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