Ottawa Softball Post Game 6, SBW Beer vs Bee Atches

Ottawa Softball Post Game 6, SBW Beer vs Bee Atches

The first official Friday of the summer saw a potential Ottawa softball championship matchup between SBW and the Bee Atches. The Buds, who were coming off a tough loss the previous week, showed up ready to play in this one. Captain Eric took over the pitching duties, and was on target throughout the game. The defense was also on it’s game with plays from Pageau, Durwin, and Nick all making bids for play of the game. The offense for SBW was unstoppable as well. Every player hit well, and the team put up 4 multiple run innings. With a 3 run lead, a slight meltdown in the 4th inning saw the Buds give up 7 runs defensively, but what happened next may have been a turning point in the season.

The Buds responded with a 7-run mercy inning of their own, taking back the lead, and then shut down the Bee Atches high powered offense for the rest of the game. With a final score of 13-8, Suds Buds and Windmills picked up a big win going into the July long weekend break and the midway point of the season. Look for the Buds to build off of this win, and dominate in the second half.

When we come back in the second half expect to come back hard and with heart. I hope everyone is looking forward to the remainder of the Ottawa softball season.

Ottawa Softball SBW Play of the Game: Mel Pageau with a spectacular grab along the fence in foul territory.

Ottawa Softball SBW Player of the Game: Durwin picks up the payer of the game award, for a strong game at the plate, and multiple defensive plays at shortstop, most of which completed without using his glove.

Check back next week for another Ottawa softball postgame from the RA Centre softball league.

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