Ottawa Softball Post Game 7, SBW Beer vs Bee Atches

Ottawa Softball Post Game 7, SBW Beer vs Bee Atches

What’s happening in Ottawa on a Friday evening besides softball? Nothing!  This softball game held in Ottawa was the best thing you could do on a Friday night. I have to say, as I go back and edit these old post games in order to bring them up to our current standards, I can’t believe how far we have come. How far our team has come in skill, in uniform, in every single aspects. Our website for certain has changed over the years and only for the better.

Player of the Game: Alex in the 1st softball game and Kalina in the 2nd. Kalina was ridiculous at 2nd base, some outs, lots of action, def some cover off, also play of the game! Alex, a boss at 1st def. a great fit, also pushing extra bases.

Play of the game: Alex kinda didn’t run it out but then he forced 2 extra bases on that play and the next both with slides (1st game). 2nd game Kalina totally saved some butts on the infield fly ball! hahah that my friend is the definition of team work!

Lessons Learned: Having a baby means a lot of recovery,


  • Eric’s batting as usual
  • Kalina
  • Alex sliding
  • Alex and Jim’s fan’s were hilarous, I love it.
  • Baillie helping us out by keeping score
  • Baby Blake slept the whole time and I didn’t have to feed him!
  • Bree, Kalina & Rodney coming out
  • Jamie had some aweome throw ins
  • Jith had some awesome cover off
  • Bree with that beauty foul tip out


  • Sarah didn’t feel well
  • omfg Krystle AB…
  • fucking Orleans man.. I swear.. to gawd..  last easy out of an inning..
  • I forgot to take money from Bee & Kalina
  • Alex “hitting the ball twice” are you even from this planet.. I mean come on….
IN Out Other NO REPLY!?!
Eric TBIL Krystle.. …
Shirley Tiffy
Jith Josianne
Denis Baillie  Rodney to spare 
Jamie Drew Kalina to spare
Alex Bree  to spare

2014 Friday Game 6 – July 4th, D2 – 6:30 Vs Bee Atches (A) DOUBLE HEADER D4 – 7:45 Where My Pitchers at (A)

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