Ottawa Softball Post Game 2, SBW Beer Vs FO

Ottawa Softball Post Game 2, SBW Beer Vs  FO

Suds, Buds & Windmills plays softball in Ottawa. This slo pitch softball game was played in 2014. It was Friday Game1 – May 23rd, Diamond 1 – 6:30 Vs FO. Kick off BBQ afterwards @ 74 Fair Oaks (V). Both events located in Ottawa.

There’s nothing that says team play like not wasting a HR. Any actual ball player in any league (rec, comp, beer) will apologies or shake their heads at that one guy who gets up and feels like a big man for putting it over the fence with NO one on base, over and over…it’s actually quite skill-less. Slo Pitch softball, in Ottawa doesn’t need this.  We went out on a LOSS during our last years Playoffs game because of a wasteful HR in the start of the inning, when the 2nd player got up he accidentally got under it too much (but at least actual players were on base) and it was the 3rd out, fun times.

Soooo after that slo pitch softball story, I will repeat there’s nothing that says Slo pitch softball team player, thank gawd for you, like a grand slam. Waiting, waiting till it’s not a waste, not swinging at just anything so you can just hit shit.. and when it matters (see Lawrie grandslam in United Way tourney, or Eric Delisle grand slam in Tuesday play offs last year) putting that shit out of the park.  Jith was also a huge softball team player by letting us poke fun with/at him and as much as we laughed about that 360 throw you KNOW all the boys want to try and pull it off now, hahahahaha.  “Light on the ice” – Jith to the bartender about his margarita haha, I love it.

Play of the game: 

Jim taking advantage of error after error and walking smoothly into 3rd. I knowwwwww many of you will be disappointed that the play of the game wasn’t Jith’s grand slam or wasn’t Jiths 360 turn and throw, BUT I mentioned that for the player of the game and also I think the heads up base running always wins out. In addition an Angel got their wings ;), what a great day for slo pitch softball in the Ottawa region!

Ottawa Softball Lessons Learned: 

Learn this umpires name cause WOW,  is in case there’s ongoing issues we can address it right away. Don’t put so much pressure on Seb & Jess!

Ottawa Softball Highs

  • Jiths smirk when I said “remember the angels”
  • Everyone of you got on base once except Seb (but next time yo!).
  • Kalina & Sarah great patience, great team plays while at bat
  • Bruce coming over to be my catcall/whistle buddy
  • Dave “Pete could of had that”  hahaha (to an impossible over the fence one haha)
  • Eric’s compliments to Seb
  • Ba ha ha ha Alex
  • Jiths Grand Slam
  • Jess throw in that Eric got down low for the nice and easy tag
  • TBIL striking out batters who don’t swing
  • Jim attempt at the sweet double play
  • Alex correcting Drew about the MLB player being a 2nd basemen
  • The constant angel jokes
  • The 1st kick off BBQ was a huge success!
  • Kalina stayed back from the cottage so she could join us at the Kick Off BBQ!
  • Bree, Rosemary Bruce & our other fans!
  • Betting on/against Seb biking to our house
  • “She also makes a mean margarita!” – Drew about Kalina

Ottawa Softball Lows

  • The moment the whole bench asks Eric  “ummm… did he/ump just ask you the rules…”
  • Drew banning me from whistling at TBIL
  • Awww poor Alex kept getting in trouble
  • Bowling ball “strikes”
  • Kalina being “tagged”
  • The TERRBILE umpire asking other team if “that was a tag”, like is this real life?
  • Aweeeee Seb at bat 🙁
  • If you can sell it, umpire will give it to you.
  • Seriously the umpire asked if you can steal bases… Smh
  • Umpire didn’t call “illegal” while in the air, yay guessing game constantly
  • Wild throws that poor Alex had to duck away from at home plate. (know the level of skill , or lack of, for your players esp at back catch. Otherwise it’s needlessly endangering actual players, this is rec ball, we shouldn’t risk injury, actual trauma because of a throw that everyone knows is impossible (for that player to catch))

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