Ottawa Softball Post Game 1, SBW Comp vs Deloitte Dragons

A great first game of Ottawa softball for our Tuesday softball team! Def. see the awesomeness of a higher division, will be a great season and worth this championship! Suds, Buds and windmills post game for slo pitch softball.

Ottawa Softball Player of the Game: Trevor

Willingness to slide was badass (I couldn’t give it “play of the game” cause I don’t think anyone but the ump thought that was safe lol!). Trevor was all over the place this game, got some outs and batted 2 for 2. A great over all game. He along with Sarah also score kept when I failed at it & of course looked stunning in his SBW’s ball cap.

Ottawa Softball Play of the game: 

I am giving it to Justin for his running catch in field.

Ottawa Softball Lessons Learned: 

Outfield… Don’t come in close  just cause a lady is at bat 😛 Sarah is a much better choice for score keeping. Even if it’s still a loss what a difference an ACTUAL umpire makes! wow!

softball Highs

  • Great 1st inning defensivly
  • What a difference an actual umpire makes.
  • Heather had the sneakiest hit… the ball rolled threw everyone, it was delightfyl
  • Eric wins the patience award at bat
  • Sarah & Carlos mad patience at bat as well
  • Sarah’s side catch she made look so easy!
  • The throw 1st – 3rd that Trevor and Bree made effortlessly (didn’t get the tag tho)
  • Justin ran around in the field a lot, awesome coverage
  • Eric ran home from 2nd with 2 outs and the fly ball was dropped, just a great reminder to always boot it with two outs.
  • Carlos had some good snags but def the highlight was his soft toss to Danielle for her first ever out in her first ever game. good job guys
  • Jith had a great inning at rove where he had 2 of the 3 outs.. tho… he was sorta questionable on that last out where he stood on top of Danielle.. 😛
  • Eric had a huge poke there at the end that was helpful
  • pointing out all the sexual enduendo (sp?) in my notes after the game
  • MTL game was pretty intense.

Softball Lows

  • We lost Samantha, Carlos & Martin to a different bar (literally baseball WAS on when we went in but they did change it at 8 haha)
  • The weird guy in Orange….
  • Krystle can’t count
  • So cold
IN Out Other
Eric Baillie Danielle – spare
Sam Alison Bree – Spare
Martin Pete



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