Ottawa Softball Post Game 4 – SBW Comp vs Red Tape (H)

Ottawa Softball Post Game 4 – SBW Comp vs Red Tape (H)

Is it even softball here in the city of  Ottawa, or Tuesday,  without being rained out and we get rained out again! We did luck out to get 2.5 innings in this time at least! Sarah was kind enough to take down some highs and lows for this softball game that would have happened in Ottawa but kind of happened and in the end that did not happen. While this game was happening , Captain Krystle was giving birth or recovering from said birth to our first Baby Bud . Blake David Awmack will join us on Friday.

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Ottawa Softball game Highs

  • Eric had a sweet triple
  • Costume day’s are always fun , way to coordinate.
  • Justyn had a four ball walk- great, always with the  patience
  • 2 no run innings defensively after giving up 5 in the first
  • People running it out – got a few on first base , espessially with the weather
  • Having time to get to ball hockey, yay multiple sports franchise
  • Everyone showing up for the game in the pouring rain, see our FAQ section on the team policy on rain outs
  • Heather and Alison bringing cheerleaders/photographers. Heather’s Mom remains to this day our biggest fan

Softball game Lows

  • Weather, rain rain go away
  • Ump calling it after making us play 2.5 innings, but I mean… kind of had to?
  • Tuesdays and rain this year.
IN Out Other
Pete Danielle – Avail for spare
Eric Bree – Can’t spare.




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