Ottawa Softball Post Game 4, SBW Beer vs Bag Stompers

Ottawa Softball Post Game 4, SBW Beer vs Bag Stompers

With the failed attempt of a rain out.  Our amazing Ottawa softball team won.

Player of the Game: JAMIE

Batted 4 for 4 , was part of a amazing double play that he throw in with accuracy from the FENCE. NOT!! to mention he secured our WIN  in this amazing game by catching  a  POP FLY  from the left field.

Honourable mention goes to Jim: Also Batted 4/4 and came in on 3 of the 4 runs.  lots of outs defensively.

PLAY of the game: JAMIE , ERIC and JITH amazing double play.  Yes it was do to some errors on the opposing team, however it can’t be over look  the skills and team work that it took our skilled players to pull off this play. Team work, awareness, and skill

Lessons Learned: 

1. Always have enough ladies to play ball! losing their rover really helped our team

2. It’s never a rain out.


  • JIM: Batted 4 for 4  and was able to run in  3 of his 4s
  • SHIRLEY: got out of her batting  funk  and came in on all 3 of her run’s , batted 3 for 4.
  • finally getting to see BAILLE in action after  after 4 game vacation
  • Getting to see the hot shirtless  volley ball players
  • Krystle incredible slow running  around the field
  • Getting to play 7 innings
  • Delicious blueberry pie that SARAH made us
  • Shuting down the Patio and the Bar
  • JITH homerun
  • Bruce writing this for Krystle, as I lay dying on couch
  • Watching OT hockey game with Sarah, Eric Jith and the nice waiter, shutting down the RA patio AND inside bar lol
  • Joy is the best waitress.
  • Eric got us pizza


  • Not having our number 1 fan
  • BAILLIE left us at the bar, nooooooo
  • I missed Kalina tooo, she went home and didn’t come to the bar
  • DREW MIA again
  • ERIC trick play “Hiding ball tactics that could only work in movies  but not the good kind of movies”
  • just eric thowing no other comments are needed .. all the Eric throws omg lol
  • Jith thinks I have too many lows.
  • My phone tried to FaceTime Jayme since I was saying Jamie and like hit the stupid voice activation thing

Check back next week for another Ottawa softball post game

IN Out Other
Shirley Josianne Danielle – Can spare
Eric Rodney – Can spare
Jith Samantha – Can spare
Sarah Bree  – Can spare
Denis (left voicemail) Kalina – Will spare


As mentioned numberous times, batting order is reverse alpha this week! Thanks!

Ranjith Singaravelu (Jith)
Eric ©
Derek (TBIL)

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