Ski/Board, Beer and Whiskey Nights


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February 9, 2019 4:00 pm Ski

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Come and get active with us on SBW first ski trips! We planed 3 differents nights to discover the local ski hill with you guys : Mont Cascades, Ski Edelweiss and Mont Vorlage. 
For the second night: Mont Vorlage. About 30min from Ottawa toward Maniwaki on February 9th, 2019! Vorlage is a pretty little hidden gem. It has trails for every taste and ability level 🙂 Saturday nights are 2 for 1 so around 20-25$ each. (The more we are the bigger the discount! ) 
Planning on leaving from Ottawa around 4h00-4h30 for a night full of fun! (2 for 1 starts at 4pm). Please contact Isabelle or Bruce if you’re interested so we can take the less car possible!!!
Come and do lines with us! It will be an epic whiteout 😉 Good times garanteed 🙂


Isabelle PAttending 
David AAttending 
Bond PAttending 

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    Frank Dinardo

    Sick … looking forward to the next one.
    Have a great time

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