Halloween 2020


Date Time Competition Season
October 31, 2020 2:00 pm Events 2020

Extra details


Please bring used 100% cotton t-shirts for the Kidney foundation to make masks.


Much like every other year the main SBW crew is dressing in a group costume! This year it will be Pokémon!


Awarding ribbons & more candy for the scariest, silliest and most original! All activities will take place outdoors. A fire pit, hot chocolate will help keep guests warm. The garage will be decorated as a witches lair.  We have themed colouring books , candy chocolate and chips for all. A movie Played on a projector in the evening and during the day hay bails and leaves set up for the perfect insta photo.


By clicking “Can Spare” you’re agreeing to the rules and guidelines below. You are assuming the risk and responsibility of injury, harm and/or contracting COVID19.

You are agreeing that if you contact COVID19 you will inform a captain immediately in order that all those who attended be tested. Your name will be withheld unless you allow us to use your name.


  • Maximum 15 people for the event
  • Taking a Self assessment before leaving home. Wash hands before leaving your home.
  • Routine hand sanitizing
  • Bring your water, alcohol, cigarettes or/and THC , do not share drinks, cigarettes or THC.
  • Don’t take Public transit to event. Personal vehicles are preferred or if you do Uber to and from the events please wear a mask to and from and your driver must as well. The same goes for carpooling to event, all passengers must wear a mask unless living in the same household or PROPERLY circled/Double Bubbled
  • Temperature check will happen upon arrival
  • Must keep 6 feet of distance from others unless properly bubbled or circled

Strongly Suggested:

  • Shower before coming and after returning home from the event. Changing all of your clothing.
  • Disinfect your phone before leaving home and upon arrival. Check out this article
  • Bring your own food. BBQ will be provided to cook food.
  • Bring your own chair


En appuyant sur Can Spare, vous consentez à vous conformer aux règles de conduite inscrites ci-dessous. Vous consentez également à assumer entièrement les risques et responsabilités, dommages, blessures

et/ou incluant les risques de contracter la COVID19. Vous consentez également à contacter immédiatement un capitaine si vous contractez la COVID19, afin que tous ceux qui ont été en contact avec vous soient soumis à un test de dépistage. Votre identité ne sera toutefois, pas dévoilée à moins que vous ne nous autorisiez à le faire.



Player Position RSVP NOTES
Diana VestaPitcherAttending 
Captain (Eric Delisle)PitcherAttending 


74 Fair Oaks Crescent, Nepean, ON K2G 4W3, Canada

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