Game 1,2 Bulletproof Tigers


Date Time Competition Season
May 16, 2023 8:30 pm Softball Mens 2023

Extra details

Game times are Game 1  8:30 PM – 9:45 Game 2 9:45 PM – 11:00 PM

Softball Men’s

Player Position RSVP NOTES
Captain (Eric Delisle)PitcherIn 
Jamie WCatcherIn 
Jeff StantonFirst baseIn 
Patrick CSecond baseOut 
Rich laroseShortstopIn 
KaiserOutfield, RoverIn 
LockettCenter fieldIn 
DrydenRight field, OutfieldIn 
Eric AndersonThird baseIn 
PeteLeft fieldIn 
KrystleScore keeperInunsure
Andrew Hiscock-Out 
Kyle F-Unable to spare 
Joshua-Able to spare 
DupeFirst baseUnable to spare 
Hayden-Unable to spare 


Dumaurier west
Dumaurier Avenue, Ottawa, ON K2B 7W3, Canada

5 comments to Game 1,2 Bulletproof Tigers

  • blank
    Kyle Duperron-Haynes

    If really needed I could do the first game only.

  • blank

    You’re the best ill let you know.

  • Kaiser

    I’m always down for whatever the team needs but you probably don’t want me in at third base yet haha

  • blank

    kk updated 🙂

  • blank

    I could do the second game.

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