Ottawa Softball Friday Theme Nights


Welcome to our post pandemic Ottawa summer! Yes there’s sports but there’s much more than just softball, ball hockey and otherwise. Please respect the covid-19 protocols l

The 2022 Season

  • May 13th: Heather & Hiscock celebrate Baby Bud
  • May 2oth: Erin Birthday
  • May 27th: Alternate SBW jersey
  • June 3rd : Celebrating Krystle, Cameron AND Adria’s birthdays (Double header)
  • June 10th : Guys vs Girls exhibition game
  • June 17th: Big League Chew night (Jacob)
  • June 24th: Ladies and men’s HR competition
  • July 8th: BBQ 630pm
  • July 15th: Water fight vs kids, BBQ and SarahZ bday
  • Aug 5th : Bring your pet for photo shoot night! (Alanna)
  • Aug 12th :  Ladies night!!
  • Aug 26th: Rich Birthday corn roast (Aug 20th)
  • Sept 2nd:
    Sept 9th:
  • Stay tuned for the dates/times for the following:
  • Claudia’s 30th! Sept 24th
    *All events are before game, during game and after the game @ headquarters please bring drinks, robe, flip flops, bathing suite and towel.

The 2021 Season

July 16th: Co ed home run derby win a date with Captain Eric contest. Winners: Dupe & Erin! Runner ups Jacob, Eric and Krystle. July 23rd: SBW alternate Jersey week & pitching contest .  Winner Krystle
Aug 6th: Place hitting competition Winner Ritch and runner up Hiscock , no one else came close to these two
Aug 20th: Corn roast & Happy Birthday Rich
Aug 27th: Ladies Night & glo party
Sept 10th: throwing radar Winner Rich 68 & Steph 49
Sept 24th: double header & Claudia birthday

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