Have you completed what you need to complete?

Ottawa Summer sports are in full swing! We have two softball teams and pick up ball hockey, everything is covid wise , read OUR rules for that but also have you done the following? Will Krystle be sad in her heart or give me a gold star?

Sports: Thursday slo pitch, Friday 3 pitch and Sunday ball hockey pick up, all in the city of Ottawa.

Complete each of the following:

1. Make sure you are on SPN’s website , make a profile and ill add you as a spare to Thursday slo pitch.
 2. Make sure you sign the beer league 3 pitch waiver, please fill it in and email Krystle@SudsBudsWindmills.com
 3. Make sure you have a completed profile on our website , right here! In the upper right corner click edit profile. Add a photo! Choose your gender,, answer some questions, make it good or be super lame whichever 😉
4. Each week do your in/out if you’re full time, if you’re a spare indicate can or can’t spare. It takes TWO seconds to let us know you’re NOT available which is just as important as available.
5. Follow us on Instagram, send us photos to post!
6. like, follow and support our sponsors, start using our hashtags #ottawasoftball #SBandW #sbw #Until2039 #ottawasports

7. Look your best! Check out our online store and get your merch! Look good , play good!

Did we miss anything? Let us know! Is there something you want to help with , let us know!


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