It’s that time of year 2020 OTTAWA SPORTS season is upon us !!! Write a captain, because deadline for in/out or expressing interest in a team is Valentines Day.


Are you interested in playing Monday’s, Tuesday’s and/or Friday’s? If so which sports has your curiosity is it Volleyball and/or Softball. If so you might be able to play on one of our multiple teams and foster new friendships, new experiences and acquire new skill set.

Monday: Volleyball  
Monday: Rec Softball
Tuesday: Comp softball
Friday: Beer eh softball

Payment deadline

ALL players then must pay in FULL by St Patrick’s day !

Please note

Captains and lot ta Buds are out of the country February 4-14th highly suggested to write
sooner than later !

Give us your best and you will get ours. If you CANT spare for ball hockey or CANT attend an event you are EXPECTED to indicate so EACH time on the website. Of course if you CAN , please also tell us.  Wear your jersey to ALL sporting events.

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6 comments to OTTAWA SPORTS – SUMMER 2020 ROLL CALL!

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    Rich LaRose

    I’m in for Tuesday comp softball

  • blank
    Frank Dinardo

    Hey Krystle What about rec Softball Monday, Wednesday and Friday??

  • Krystle

    For sure Monday rec . Wednesday Eric plays on a team and that’s their night , Friday night just have one team this year . We don’t think we are bringing back the babes

  • blank
    Frank Dinardo

    Friday “Mercy Killing” lol!

  • Mike Layes

    i’m in for volleyball

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