Sparing Policy

Sparing Policy

We know people want to play sometimes as many games as they can but bear in mind this can affect the team as a whole and cause problems for captains especially in certain circumstances. Please keep this in mind when considering sparing for another team. Below is a set of guidelines to clearly explain what is CERTAINLY NOT acceptable. When in doubt ask a captain.

First of all SBW always keeps loyalty and communication in high regard. If you are full time on a time it is expected that we have priority. If a team is looking for a player on the same day and does not conflict with our game please ask a captain as there are things that leagues have rules against and can put us in a bad spot and you might end up losing playoff availability when sparing the same night for another team regardless of sport. Alex loses his favourite testicle if he plays for any form of FO so also keep in mind there are some teams we have a history with and those that have been around for a couple years or more certainly have a good idea of who they are.

Ball Hockey

Sunday HTBHL is always short on girls especially. They have strict rules when it comes to playoffs as well how a spare factors into team stats. Spares do not appear on the sites team list and their points do not count towards their personal career points or the team points. This is critical if you are not a full time player. Sparing for another team may make you ineligible to play for us in the playoffs. In all circumstances of sparing in ball hockey consult with a captain who can talk to the league and make sure you will be considered a bud first and foremost. Showing up and playing for the other team without saying anything is strongly discouraged unless you want a nail file slowly shoved up your pee pee hole.



The  RA centre does not allow for players to be sparing within the same division. Even playing on the same night can be frowned upon and should be authorized by a captain. Exception to this is Friday as we regularly fill other teams rosters however this is pretty much always coordinated by a captain. Playing in another league or on different nights is acceptable however remember we want committed players to put our team first. At the end of the day everyone is replaceable. Also worth noting there are teams that if you spare for your face might meet a cheese grater. Again ask a captain and we are accommodating.  Also if you want more games we have 3 teams as well as know teams that do look for players from time to time so if you want to play we can make that happen, just ASK


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