Ottawa Winter SBW Sports 2020-2021

Ottawa Winter SBW Sports 2020-2021

Ottawa friends, the winter schedule starts, make sure to check our schedule here. As always a season ahead .. just because of Covid-19 doesn’t mean we aren’t active! Ball hockey, Softball, Futsal & Volleyball in Ottawa will return one day.

Snowman Competition!  Starting Now (Monday, November 23) to April 1st, 2021, make a snowman and submit us a picture (Facebook, Instagram, email) for Cookie prizes. Hurry now while there is some snow on the ground!

Weekly: virtual Board games Jack Box or Tabletopia. Popular virtual board games like Dice Hospital and Wingspan. We will use Discord to talk on.

Spring & Summer sports

Softball is back this summer but we will only be running two teams. Friday’s Barrhaven 3 pitch will be our beer team and our regular team we have yet to decide the night or league. Recommendations welcome.

Ball hockey I THINK we can play in the new year, Eric says no way in hell… only time will tell. I need TWO full time men, who are experienced and loyal… I have made a list and I am starting the application process. If you know someone send them to me and the website.

Updates as always will be announced here once decisions have been made.

Anything else? If you have something else fun you think we all would want to do or do again (like Isolation Interviews) let us know.

**We have rounded up by 1-2$ to have an even number and build team funds, team funds pay for last minute drop outs, jersey mess ups, team bats, charity donations, website hosting etc, if you want to know more about our financials please sit on the committee or in general be more involved esp over winter**

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  • blank
    Sonny Smith

    Well thats a bummer .. but with fall being start of flu season it may not be a bad decision with all the covid around the city .. wish i was close enough to Eric to get the jersey I ordered and paid for last season lol as work played a factor in me playing .. stay safe all

  • Krystle

    Hey Sonny, have you considered our summer schedule? Example this Saturday…

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