Happy Birthday – Krystle Boss!

Happy Birthday – Krystle Boss!

Today, we celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Krystle, birthday to most. Growing up (and by growing up, I mean like teenage years)

Krystle was so kind (what happened right?! 😉 She always made sure to include everyone. That was my favourite thing about her.

Birthday’s As we gotten older

We can say she’s become a little more… hard. But her willingness to make sure everyone is included still warms my heart. I believe that is a huge part of what makes this softball team in Ottawa so successful, is her giving everyone a fair chance.

2020 Covid Birthday

While it appears the curb in Ottawa is flattened, with only 87 active cases of Coronavirus in the city, We’re still pretty much locked down.

Restaurants, Bars, Softball fields (All of Krystle’s favourite things) Are still closed.

As Krystle is very extroverted and a social person. I’m sure this is not the type of birthday that she started planning on June 6th, last year (she’s extra prepared like that)

Previous birthdays

Celebrations have been nothing less than extravagant. Ones that I can actually recall were, Last year’s softball type of medieval times beer lunging activity.


When we all joined a 8 week dance class to learn Krystle’s favourite country song from a movie. After the 8 weeks of continuous training, we headed to the Crazy Horse in Kanata and literally did a flash mob.


We did a scavenger hunt, To be honest- that night is kind of a blur. All I remember is going on a stranger’s boat in Petrie Island, doing the YMCA, in front of the YMCA, I believe there was a Backstreet Boys dance at one point and we created a very successful conga line with 20+ strangers  in a Mcdonalds.


Krystle’s sister, Jillian and I kidnapped Krystle. Literally tied her up, blind-folded her and decided against jamming a jawbreaker in her mouth and threw her in the backseat of my SUV and drove to a water tower in attempts to knock two items off of Krystle’s infamous bucket list.

(to be kidnapped and climb a water tower, I didn’t ask questions) although the water tower we found was on some military type of land with secure fences.. and I’m pretty sure I didn’t fit through 😉

Birthday Look captain

Quick Birthday retrospect

 – So i remember 4/18 (at least 10 that I’ve attended)

I think we all (Suds, Buds & Windmills) owe it to Krystle to promise right here, and right now, that next year (it should be a Saturday, right?) to make it the best, most memorable birthday party ever.


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