Ottawa Softball – SBW Three-way Tournament Post game – A FINALS – Jager Bombers vs The Crew

Ottawa Softball – SBW Three-way Tournament Post game – A FINALS – Jager Bombers vs The Crew

After an epic win in the semis The Crew manage to defeat an Empire and reigning tournament champs and are up against an undefeated Jager Bombers team. It has been a long and grueling day for both teams with The Bombers coming in with their third game in a row!

The Crew take no time to get the game started with a leadoff single.  After a few more hits The Crew draws first blood. A double play attempt at one to end it is dropped by the Bombers and The Crew capitalize on it with a 2R Bomb to right field. Bombers pitcher Curtis with a snag and flick to one to end the inning, Crew  up  4 – 0. Bombers turn to answer back. Getting a few hits with a great shot into right field to score a run, but the Crew lock the D down, 4 – 1 for the Crew.

Top 2 the Crew use their second homerun for an add-on run, but the Bombers shut the door after that stopping the damage. 5 – 1 Crew. Bottom the Bombers get the bats going and get a 2 run jack. The Crew go in to damage control and pull a double play to get out of the inning. 5- 3 Crew.

Into the third with the Crew up Bombers come up big on D. The Bombers Lady at 3b with a snag and a rocket to 1B for the out! Curtis manages a K for the second out and  then the Shortstop for the Bombers with running dive catch behind second for the final out of the inning and holding the Crew back. 5 – 3 Crew.  In the bottom Frame Bombers get on with a lead off hit and Captain Jason Bond with a double to cash in a run.  Bombers keep pushing and get another run but the crew  shut the inning down with a snag of their own from their lady at 3b with a laser to 1B. Tied Game 5 – 5

Into the fourth Bombers center fielder comes running after a ball and attempts the layout catch but just misses.  Bombers to manage to later on pick off a runner being sent home. The Crew use their final home run to for 3 runs, putting the crew back up. 8 – 5. On the bottom frame, the Crew manage to lock the D down and pick up another double play to close out the inning with no damage.

Next inning we see more small ball from the Crew to push up 3 runs. 11 – 5. Bombers up in the bottom frame shut down nice D by the crew with a great line drive snag at 2B and Captain Brad Brewer at Pitch with a snag on a hit back to end the inning.

Bottom 6 the Crews D still locking it down. They get a quick 2 outs but the Bombers start a small rally  score a run with two outs. The Crew come through and close it out keeping the damage at 1. 11 – 6 Crew.

Top 7. Bombers manage to get the leadoff batter, but the Crew fire back with the next two batters getting one.  The crew manage to score two more run off a nice liner to the fence.  And with a bit more small ball the Crew put up another to get 3 in pushing the score 14 – 6 for the Crew.

Bottom 7 scores 14 – 6 for the Crew. Bombers start off strong with a leadoff single.  But the Bombers fading hit into a fly out and a fielder’s choice. The Crew ‘s D too strong for the Jager Bombers manage to close it out and win 14 – 6!

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