Ottawa Softball – SBW Three-way Tournament Post game – Playball Girls vs Jager Bombers

Ottawa Softball – SBW Three-way Tournament Post game – Playball Girls vs Jager Bombers

Welcome to Saturday morning…one game in, a little brisk, but the beer is cooling and spirits are high.

Playball Girls (PG) take the “lead off they wanted” with a strike one and then a pop fly that was caught by JB. PG finished strong with 5 runs…looking quite stylish in their Playgirl inspired uniforms.

Jager Bombers (JB) started with a walk to 2nd and a shout for more coffee from the bench. A double out made by PG right field was quickly followed by a third out ending their batting run.
PG looking stylish confidently went to bat with a déja vue of a quick out. Daniel wanting to wake everyone up hit the first home run of the game with a beauty into the swamp losing the ball because no one wanted fight through the weeds to find it.

JB’s bench came alive with cheers for Simon and Sarah who both hit strong and hard. After a quick play by PG Sarah slid to 2nd just making it safe by a slide.
The 3rd inning started with a tie game with JB shutting down PG quickly (obviously they found coffee between innings) while the post game writer got distracted watching all the guys in their ball pants….softball is a beautiful sport ?

Second last inning PG hit what looked like a clear run over the fence. With a huge play by JB the ball was caught just at the fence shutting PG down. This seemed to wake up both teams with cheers and jeers coming from both benches.

JB took to bat building up their lead to 15-7 to take the game and start the day off strong!
Not gonna lie it’s not a bad way to start the day sipping on coffee watching ball pants and pretty-to-watch athletic plays.
PS: Jager Bombs didn’t suck.

– Kelly

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