Ottawa Softball – SBW Three-way Tournament Post game – Bottoms Up vs Jaegerbomb

Ottawa Softball – SBW Three-way Tournament Post game – Bottoms Up vs Jaegerbomb

Next up we have BU you taking on JB. The pre game started with the umpire talking to the 2 captains to explain the walk rule. Seemed as though everyone was confused but we got it sorted.

1st inning starts with 2 two JB walks, and then a deep single that the outfielders lost in the sun, bringing in a run. 1-0 JB. Another single brings in a run, 2-0 and then 3-0 JB. The inning finally ends for BU with the 3rd out at home. Bottom inning BU first batter with a fly out. Next batter with a nice single. Then a 2nd out. Next batter with another single to load the bases but the next batter grounds out to limit the damage.

2nd inning starts with two ground singles by JB, and then a sacrifice ground out to put batters on 2nd and 3rd base. A walk loads the bases for JB. Another walk brings in a run. 4-0 JB. Ground single brings in 2 more runs. 6-0 JB. An error single brings in another run. 7-0 JB. Another error brings in another run to end the top of the inning 8-0 JB. The top starts with a ground single by BU but 3 straight outs ends the inning.

3rd inning starts with a JB single followed by 3 consecutive out. BU starts with ground single. Another single brings in a BU run. An error in the outfield brings in a run and then an out. 8-2 JB.

4th inning starts with a JB out and then triple and then 2 straight outs. Bottom inning starts with 2 BU outs and then a ground single. A walk puts batters on 1st and 2nd. Ground out ends the inning. 8-2 JB.

5th inning starts with a JB double. Another double brings in a run. 9-2 JB. JB brings in another run. 10-2 JB. And another for 11-2, JB showing absolutely no mercy. JB slow it down by being sportsmanship like with 2 easy outs. Bottom starts with an easy out and then a double. Two ground outs end the game. 14 – 2 JB.

Good game guys, the sportsmanship was fantastic.

– Jonathan

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