Ottawa Softball Post Game 4, SBW Rec VS Moaning Mooses

Ottawa Softball Post Game 4, SBW Rec VS Moaning Mooses

Ottawa’s Suds Buds and Windmills Softball Team
June 6, 2019 – 9:45 PM

Well it was another chilly night for softball in the home plate darkness of diamond 2…. The visiting buds got going with a couple of runs in their first at bat, the top of the order doing the job.

However, it started to come unraveled as coach girl, left the buds starting pitcher in to die…. the death of 7 walks! (Seven runs walked in)  Mike was heard calling out to Sarah Rose “ how far did that miss by?” In the darkness of home plate on diamond 2.

Buds failed to score in their next at bat and suffered 6 more moose moans in what was turning into a stampede!

There were a few bright spots, with a moon shot from Biju and solid pitching from Kim and with “ Jets of Fire” Alex running the base path…

Anyways best I can tell from Eric’s scratching 20-10 was the final score.
With warmer temperatures in the forecast and some massages to limber up some of my teammates, next game will be better.

Looking forward to the next one!
Cheers Buds!


1 Inning 27
2 Inning 06
3 Inning 11
4 Inning 10
5 Inning 03
6 Inning 23
7 Inning 40
Final score 1020

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