Ottawa Softball Post Game 5, SBW Rec vs Royal Pain

Let me preface this by saying I’m the ultimate rookie, so if you were expecting actual stats you’ve come to the wrong post game. I literally told another player “I don’t sport” because I showed up to Dome Tourney in hiking shoes as I don’t own any other sport type footware. After a day of playing though I bought cleats on the way home where they would clearly be better use on my living room carpet than in the Dome.

On to the game! There were 7 innings if i’m not mistaken, I’ve been told there were some RBI and FC. Googled what that was after the game so now I’m that much more informed. We won, 9-3, to Krystle’s disappointment as that means we’re moving on up.

Fun things i actually remember, we got a home run, not sure by who cuse i don’t know any names. England (aka JIm, aka Jimminy Cricket) ran home with so much determination, but forgot to tag bases along the way, though I suppose that’s what we get for importing cricket players for a softball game. Damn immigrants stealing our jobs.

Until next time folks, this was your mediocre post game from Thom.

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