Ottawa Softball Post Game 6, SBW Comp vs Lumberjacks

This is already off to a bad start as I’m a week late, don’t actually know the final score, play minimum 4 times a week so the games start to blend together, and am 0% creative so here are the main highlights from last week:

1st inning: alex starts off the inning with a solo shot (selfish and costed him 2 beers?), isabelle hits a chick burn double, pete hits a double

2nd inning: offensively, seb hits a double, peter cranks it out of the park for a 2 run shot, isabelle hits a perfectly placed single down the 1st base line. defensively, lawrie comes up with a clutch snag at SS, followed by a catch by isabelle in RF

3rd inning: super uneventful inning offensively from what i can remember but isabelle randomly brought her phone out to right field and had a full out phone conversation in the middle of the game! ?

4th inning: seb stepped up to the plate and hit a 3 run HR, followed up by michelle who hit a chick burn double

5th inning: not much happened but shoutout to dillon and isabelle who both hit singles during this inning

6th inning: seb comes in clutch yet again this game with a double, and peter hits another beautiful 2 run home run!! ??

final score: it’s a mystery, sorry guys ?

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