Ottawa Softball Post Game 1, SBW Beer vsTutti Fruitti

To kick off our Friday season we played on the coldest night of the week after 25 degree weather, lucky us. Despite the shivering going on there was some highlights to be called out (and a few low lights).

Few errors by this rando at third base (your’s truly) that not only couldn’t field the ball cleanly but couldn’t seem to make a good toss to second base… sorry Sarah. Made up for it with a couple of good scoops and going 2/2 with a two base walk to score a run.

That walk was followed up by Captain Eric watching strike 3 hit the plate with the bases loaded. Way to go there cappy :P. His pitching was on the mark tho and was probably the only person on the field that was greatful for the lack of sun (seriously check out his hand tan from last weeks tournament)

Mills Strained her quad and despite the pain still got into second base before the throw to avoid an out but had to pull herself out of the game to not injure herself further.

Was a quiet night for Dan in center field not much came to him but he did manage to swing so hard that he hit the ball all of 10 feet and stayed fair for single. Chelsey pulled herself from pitching tho and he rejoiced and hit a jack his next at bat.

Captain Krystle made a fine effort at ss despite nagging shoulder and back pain. She rags on herself a bit much but she’s always wanting to be the best and put in a solid game including getting two RBIs.

Jamie struted his stuff around the outfield and Lyndsay rocked rover. Cameron picked up some major garbage all game long and Fox was ringing her Bells. Mike Lieff came out to spare and help out his former Friday team.

Was a great start to the season, despite it being in a losing effort, and everyone appreciated the FUN DIP we’ve been bringing out to events and we announced our return to defend our drinking trophy at the bar and placed our massive trophy on the table to remind everyone this team is called BEER for a reason! Which may have influenced poor decisions (or good ones) as Eric and Dan have some very riskey pictures taken and dance to total eclipse of the heart (original cause they didn’t approve of my glee cover…) Krystle tried to cut in to have a captains dance but Eric apparently can only dance well with tall blonde men. Jamie pointed out you should always listen to your captain and guy sam joined us for a couple beers.

Welcome to A div #WeHateSports #ForTheHateOfTheGame

Quote of the game goes to Krystle chirping Eric: “Wait for two Lyndsay, Jamie wait for one, imma wait for three, that’s what captains do apparently”

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