Ottawa Ball Hockey Post Game 3, SBW vs Team Generations

Ottawa Ball Hockey Post Game 3, SBW vs Team Generations

In our next game we saw SBW taking on TG in a fairly even match-up. Alex Paquette warned the Buds how this team was filled with evil goons straight out of a hockey movie that Krystle may or may not have adored. SBW would strike first, just thirty seconds into the game, as Jake Miron would blast it in from the point. About five minutes later, Miron was at it again, this time as he was allowed to take three swipes at the ball before finally getting it to the back of the net making it 2-0 cameee in like a wreckkking ball!!! Claudia came to the bench a few minutes into the game and said “you’re only as good as your goalie” after two shots on net saw two goals. Assistant captain Krystle raised her hands to the sky and shouted “we have Riel!!!” Later at the bar she would continue to praise him and ask why in the world he played for em. The rest of the period was mostly one sided, but before the break Jeremy Cochrane, aka Roid Rage, saw that SBW’s goalie was out of this world and swatted at a covered balled and threatened to “spear him in the throat” next time. Both Eric and Alex would step between RR & Riel and Roid Rage walked into them proclaiming “get the fuck out of here,” and all the referee said was “I wouldn’t suggest that” to Alex and Eric (Dafuq?). Impressively he was able to both validate the attacker and do nothing all at once #RefsforRoids. Off the face off however he would would get a shot past the keeper and make this one 2-1 as we were headed into the break. TG were controlling a considerable amount of play as the held the lead in shots 21-8. The second saw much of the same, TG shooting and SBW goalie making the saves. Ref, who had not called anything all game long, would eargerly agree with blue shorts requesting a high stick on Claudia even though there were so many missed calls all game long. This would raise them a goal around the three-minute mark as Michelle Charlebois would redirect a pass out front into the back of the net, while on the power play making it 2-2. With just about fifteen seconds left in the game, Miron would complete the Hat Trick working way harder then usual since he had a pretty fan in the stands whom he had to get her to lose her phone in his stick shifter again and he intercepted a pass and deposited it up top. Alex Paquette would add the empty netter and SBW take this one 4-2, all while getting outshot 43-13. *Insert Riel, Riel, Riel chant here*

Side note the bench had no idea that Jake score our first goal as we all saw RR clearly trip Eric and thought it was going to be a penalty but Mr. Marathon scored a goal instead. The bench looking confused as fuck had no idea what was going on til Kelly came to the bench and was like “we scored guys, get your head in the game!” Altho she had not seen the trip cause she was on the line that scored 😛

If you do the math Jake’s 3 goals accounts for nearly a quarter of the teams total shots and they all would find the back of the net

Morale of the story: Iceland ALWAYS loses in the end

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