SEPT 26 – “TRIPLE” header night…

So first game on Wednesday was a game in which I dunno if it counted or was only for fun but w/e we all came out & played well.

The offence came out swinging, runs were scored mostly every inning and i’m pretty sure at one point we got to a double digit lead. MC and Emily got great hits, JT also smashed his way on base with a couple of hits. Defensively everybody played great, very few errors were made & usually when that happens you have the lead. Overall a great game, definitely one of our best games played this fall.

The second game we played was right after. Eric pitched great & got to do a few under-tosses to first for a few outs. It really helps our defence for sure. Our bats went a little quiet during the second game but i’d say it was probably just a few bad lucks and the opposing team was making good plays. Even with that, we still got multiple great hits, Frank had a big hit and so did Sara. I know we lost the second game but I know we weren’t far behind. If we play like this again next year in fall, we shall definitely increase the chances of wining. Great games and good effort everyone !!!

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