Ottawa Softball Post Game 6, SBW Beer vs Roger Dorn’s

Friday Beer League began with the usual antics as the team excitedly ran through a SBW banner before the first pitch. SportsTable was in full swing as the talking heads were wondering aloud, “what in the fuck kind of pre-game routine is this?”

For the 2nd Friday in a row, a member of SBW would be traded to the opposing team to give them a full roster. Greg would have high expectations to match Dylan’s 3/3, 3 homerun effort against SBW last week.

It would be a blistering start for SBW with the first four batters safely reaching base and taking an early lead. The defensive game early on was a different story. Newcomer Dylan would drop a casual pop-up in centre field, lighting a fire under everyone’s asses to not do what he just did! Some great snags on the ground and in the air would follow for the rest of the game. Later on, Mills would make a great catch charging in from right field to end the inning and proceed to chirp Dylan on proper technique and how to read an incoming ball. A round of high fives were then had by all, as per usual.

Since I’m (Dylan) baseball illiterate and can barely read a scoresheet, let’s talk about some standout performances instead! Sarah led the way going 4/4, while Bells, Alex and Dylan went 3/3. Cam, being the nice guy that he is let his teammates have all the glory, and instead was trying to help out the other team with a pair of fly outs and a groundout. It didn’t work. We crushed them. 23-7. They were great sports tho, on and off the field, Krystle made them run through their own team banner at the end of the game, and then proceeded to handed them the two ripped pieces of banner which I’m sure was promptly thrown out. Local charity collector Lyndsay approached them during their post-game beer to see if they would like to purchase raffle tickets to support upcoming SBW tournaments.

Thanks Roger Dorn’s!

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