Ottawa Softball Post Game Makeup 1, SBW Rec vs Walk Offs

Ottawa Softball Post Game Makeup 1, SBW Rec vs Walk Offs

Taking the field first for this rescheduled game are the Buds with rookie pitcher Dyllan taking the mound to start things off, I was definitely counting on my team to clean up after my less than poor pitching. With help from First, Second, Short and Third, we would only see damage of 4 runs. Ending the first with three up, three down. Buds down by 4.

Now with my pitching career behind me (or so I thought), Eric is stepping out of the bull-pen to replace me. Keeping the score tight only allowing 3 runs in. Still not much happens in terms of batting. Buds trail by 7.

Back at it again I’ll pitch to load the bases and have one sent over the fence to the kids in the stands for a grand slam. Redeemed by catching the ball and throwing the third out to first base. Now our batting can start! Alex up to bat hits a triple to centre field. Lyndsey looking like she has no idea where she is, gives a smile to Krystle to reassure her everything will be okay, advancing the runner and taking an out to do so. With only 2 outs the teams clear the field due to miss-communication. Back on the field we strike out for the last out. Buds down 12-3.

With a runner on second, Eric now pitching again catches a pop-fly and throws to third for a double play. 2 run damage. We answer with one. Score is now 14-4.

Trying our best to hold them, a ball is caught in left field. 2 outs. I’m standing out in right field when all of a sudden a ball is making its’ way right for me, now having to mirror the previous catch in left, to no ones surprise, I drop it… Now watching another ball hit right for me, I can hear Krystle in her nice voice telling me not to drop it, I run towards the ball, all eyes on me waiting for another drop… I catch the ball for the third out. I wipe the sweat from my brow as I make it back to the dugout. Buds down by 12.

Alex gets a double, Paul gets a triple, Krystle hits right into seconds glove, and Bond gets a 4-0 walk onto second. Buds answer with 3. Only down by 9, the score is 16-7.

As the timer counts down, we need to hold and score the best we can. Three go up, and the tree go down as we hold them off from getting a single run in. Now is our chance to come back. We try but we can’t. Ending the game 16-7 for the Walk Offs.

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