Ottawa Softball Post Game 6, SBW Rec vs The Mums

I must say that despite the loss, it was still great to be out and playing with my SBW Team mates. Through the game our team was always just a couple of timely hits or over the shoulder catches from being right there!

The game went like my first at bat, instead of being patient I took the first pitch to deep center for an out. Somewhere my Dad was reminding me, that my job was to get on base and a walk would be as good as a single….

It was great to have “Bond” to step in and help out playing 3rd. Plus a couple of really solid hits. I kept encouraging “Bond” throughout the game although I guess I should have asked her first name.. Patricia?? Anyways she came close to a great fielding play taking a line drive off her glove. The effort was certainly there.

Certainly Eric G had his bat warmed up with a two run shot to put some runs on the board!

Mike was pitching consistently and made a great “survival catch” off one of the opposing team ladies.

In the end 15 SBW runners, stranded on base left the score 12-5 for the Muns.

I’m looking forward to a rematch already!

PS Can teammates really be referred to by the name on the back of their jersey’s?

See you next week.


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