Ottawa Softball Post Game 8, SBW Rec vs Sons of Pitches

Four girls, seven guys and a sweaty night at the RA. Hot. As the last light of the sun gently caressed those lithe, softball playing legs…

Ahem. That’s enough of that.

The night started badly when Krystle and Layes decided that they were too good for the team and went to play comp instead. In replacement we gained Bond and myself… *almost* but not quite at the top of the team sheet when it comes to *hitting those zingers out of the park* (am I doing this right?)

First innings started great with a big hit from Frank getting himself to third (he coulda made it all the way if he had a base coach waiting there) but then it kind of fell apart for the rest of the game – either great play by the Sons of Pitches or maybe just bad play by us. If I’d written this straight after the game instead of a week later I’d probably be able to tell you which was the case. As it is, all I remember now is that one of their batter people hit the ball straight over my head and got out because they’d already had their homerun for that innings. HAH. This is about the only method of getting out that I haven’t managed myself yet.

With such an overwhelming number of guys on the team the girls had their batting duties cut out – some of them heading out to the plate FIVE times and they were rewarded for this with Zakaib making it the full way round on three of those occasions. The other girls did some running too. The reliable big hitting guys did their thing. Toan –playing his 100th-consecutive game of the night- did Toan-hitty-things, Matt did Matt-throwy-things, pretty sure he did at least one of those double-play-jobbies during the hour and guest pitcher Kevin pitched.

In summary, we were basically losing after the first innings, catching up briefly on the second and then – because the scorecard got handed around like the last jammy dodger at tea time – it ecame almost impossible to see where the rest of the match went but I think we were chasing until the final innings when with a required score of 8 to tie the game, we got three outs in three pitches.

Final score 18 – 10 or something, we lost the game but won the hearts and minds of the spectators (Tom, Russ and Hercules).


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