Ottawa Softball Post Game, SBW Tuesday Fall Ball VS Team CupCake

Ottawa Softball Post Game, SBW Tuesday Fall Ball VS Team CupCake

Ottawa’s Suds buds and Windmills Softball Fall Season Tuesday Comp


Team Cupcake

The reschedule game one came as a late night double header edition. The weather warmed up and the rain was holding off. With the timeslot off between games it was a little cold to get back into things. The buds take the field down a player while TJ was finishing sparing for the master batters (Sebastien missing both games due to food poisoning).  Phil gets a big running catch in center field and a strike out from Peter H the Buds get out of the inning only giving up one (At least that is what I am sure I heard from the other team in a score check).  The Buds answer back with 5 straight hits and open the game up with 5 runs.

The Buds D starts to go on lock down but the cakes do the resulting in the Buds getting one run in the next two frames. The games starts to heat up in the 4th with Team cupcake getting in two runs off a big Jack and the Buds answer back with three runs with Julie W crushing the ball to the field.

The 5th inning has a setback as another Cupcake jack takes lifts them up another 4 runs bringing the game to 9 to 9 for SBW. SBW comes back with a 3 up 3 down answers setting the stage for a big finish.

The Cupcakes keep on coming and with another jack to help give them the lead for the first time of the game 10 to 9. The buds come screaming back with a 7 run answer with 9 hits in a row (Only out self-inflicted). Also to note Julie is still crushing the ball and came very close to a home run out, luckily it hit the fence for a double!

And with a newly established 6 run lead, the Buds were able to sow it down in the top of the 7th to secure the win.

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