October 5, 2018, CHAMPS NIGHT – EXPANSION vs Daniel and the girls

EXPANSION lived up to its name by having to expand and explore some new players, as our regulars were playing in another game that night.

The game started off with the team scoring a inning max of 5, including an inside the park grand slam by Cory “Simpdogg” and held Daniel and the girls to just 2 in the home half of the 1st, 5-2 after inning #1 for SBW-Expansion.

Defence in the game for team EXPANSION was on par –  some excellent pitching by Leebo, holding Daniel and the Girls to just a few runs to keep the game close. Some excellent catches in the outfield by MC, Tymm and a line drive catch by Cory “Simpdogg”; as well as a stellar backhand stop at 3B by frank; amazing SS skills by Dan “flipping” to first, kept the game close for a majority of the game.

During the game, Frank the Tank tried to test out the arm of Daniel at CF and ran into a 6’5″ giant at 3B and ran into the leg instead and got doubled up, after a nice hit by MC!. Overall, the team held their own, considering it was a mixed bag of spares/regulars who had never played together before. Great communication throughout the game kept the game nice and close for the first half. Unfortunately, the bats went a little cold in the end and Daniel and the Girls were able to get max5 in the last 2 innings, final score 16-5.

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